Torchiato grapes

The conformation of the hills that ascend towards the Plateau of Cansiglio gives Torchiato grape growing and extremely divided aspect in which each row is "ripped" from the woods with persevering centuries long work. The landscape has thus became the photography of the diligent work of man who, from pruning to harvesting, cadences the obsessive care put into each vine. Replanting is always gradual (not more than 5% per year) so that there is always the contemporary presence of very old vines in each vineyard that are able to hand down "the memory" and the sense of "belonging", the Terroir as the French say.

In the rural economy of the early twentieth century, the vineyards stood out for their large inter-row that guaranteed up to five abundant cuts per year to supply the barns; at the head of each plant was a mulberry, whose leaves were the bed and food for silkworms. Nowadays, the higher demand for quality, linked with the disappearance of family run cattle breeding and silkworm breeding, have led to the progressive specialization in grape growing, understood as the main developing element of the territory. Perfectly designed vineyards are therefore the pride of a new generation of grape growers who, having inherited the love of their land, have transformed the hills of Fregona into a splendid garden.