The landscapes of Fregona

Plain of Cansiglio

The plain of Cansiglio dominates the Torchiata production areas: it is an extended area, an unspoilt plateau with large birch, larch and fir forests, large pastures, full of wonderful trails for walking, horse riding or mountain biking. The forest is managed with natural criteria (cuttings and renewals are controlled to protect and improve the diversity) and in the park it is not difficult to find species of animals and plants that are less common elsewhere. The fact that the vineyards of Fregona are in close proximity to areas so pristine and respectful of the cycles of nature gives a cultural affinity and at the same time a guarantee for the quality of Torchiato.

Caglieron caves

Another extraordinary destination where the activity of man allows you to admire this wonder of nature is the Caglieron Caves: a landscape with the appeal of Dante, that has modelled itself over the centuries through erosion and mining activities. The main cave was created by the Caron stream that runs through it with a series of little waterfalls. It is possible to admire this varied sight by following the course of the stream inside the caves, along a path equipped with wooden walkways.