Production area

The production area of the "Colli di Conegliano" Torchiato di Fregona wine includes completely or partly the following tons: Fregona, Sarmede and Cappella Maggiore.

This area is bounded as follows: starting from the level line of an altitude of 500, that circumscribes the north border, the boundary descents along the borderline of the town of Vittorio Veneto and Cappella Maggiore up to reaching trunk road n. 422, it goes along this road until the altitude of 134 and then takes the road for Cordignano and after having passed Borgo Gobbi at the altitude of 94, it continues east along the road for the centre of the town of Cappella Maggiore. From here it carries on to Borgo Villa, along the northernmost road, that passes the Corron stream at an altitude of 115. From Borgo Villa the border continues for C. Amistani and C. Zanatta as far as the crossroads at an altitude of 110 where it proceeds along the road for Sarmede, descends towards the south as far as an altitude of 94, where it bends left along the road that passes from an altitude of 94 to 104 above Borgo Palù. From here it follows the pathway that passes by Madonna di Val up to the altitude of 286, beneath the village of Rugoletto, where it bends east at an altitude of 294, C. Salvador where it meets the municipal boundary that follows in a northern direction near to Malga Salamina, the bend at an altitude of 500 that goes al the way back to the starting point.